Les Trois Matons : the press speaks of Les 3 Matons in Campagne CHIC & BROC
November, 2014

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Release campagne chic et brocBastide provençaleIntérieur au badigeon de chaux the ground floor the kitchen The stairs and the bedroom The living room and the children's room The bathroom

the press speaks of Les 3 Matons in Campagne CHIC & BROC November, 2014

Release campagne chic et broc


From now on the entrance has both majestic and authentic interior decoration. Marie has got a brick wall taken down, the one that separated the entrance from the stairwell, to replace it with a glass dividing wall the transparency of which allows realising all the grandeur of the architecture.
At the same level the three rooms were united to make a big kitchen that includes a dining area and a salon. Such a layout of the place is ideal for a big family. As the work progressed, Marie found herself a mistress of a creative house and very attentive to the principles of sustainable development. She choses lime-based paint coloured with natural pigments (Les Trois Matons) using in particular the Cassel earth pigment that gives a dark colour.
Superior floor accommodates the chambers for all the family. There Marie used lightly tinted dark whites to underline the texture of materials and colours of furniture. Altogether such a design creates the atmosphere of a fairytale where blossom the family live and the soul of the place. A peep at one of numerous windows of this Provencal cottage and you mind is carried away somewhere towards the vineyards.


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