Les Trois Matons : Smoothing plaster for indoor ready to use STUC ITALIEN

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Smoothing plaster for indoor ready to use STUC ITALIEN

Smoothing plaster for indoor ready to use STUC ITALIEN

Smoothing plaster for indoor ready to use STUC ITALIEN


STUC ITALIEN is a water-based and eco-friendly plaster used both as a smoothing plaster and as a Venetian stucco for indoor walls and ceilings surface preparation and decoration. STUC ITALIEN Venetian stucco is used to prepare walls and ceilings prior to painting onto: plaster, plasterboard, calico bands, paint, wood, plaster blocks, lightweight concrete... STUC ITALIEN Venetian stucco also allows to obtain a very shiny decorative interior finish with visible nuances, typical of the Italian Venetian plasters suitable for bathrooms and kitchens walls, credenzas as well as entrance halls, staircases, living rooms (not suitable for showers or washbasins). STUC ITALIEN Venetian stucco is available in white and is colored using compatible dyes.

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Alabaster plaster, calcium carbonate, water-based special glue, methylcellulose and anti-moulds. Made from a selection of non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients that are eco and health friendly. Free from asbestos, formaldehyde and heavy metals.



- Excellent adherence.
- Easy to sand.
- High covering power.
- Very decorative shiny finish, smooth with marble nuances.
- Eco and health friendly stucco.
- Odorless, solvent free, no harmful emissions.

E.U. Classification : category. A/c VOC limit 40 g/l (2010). This product contains a maximum of 15 g/litre of VOC.




Surface preparation


Indoor surfaces should be in conformity with the current standards in force. The surfaces should be homogeneously absorbent, sound, clean, dry, non-friable and free of salts, moisture and moulds. The surfaces must be extremely smooth and free of holes, defects, etc. because STUC ITALIEN Venetian stucco will be very thin. Rough surfaces must be resurfaced with a first smooth coat of STUC ITALIEN Venetian stucco. All absorbent and/or dusty surfaces must first be primed using our water-based primer coat (IMPRESSION ACRYLIQUE or IMPRESSION ACRYLIQUE COUVRANTE). Peeling paint and semi-gloss or gloss paints must be sanded or removed or primed. For other surfaces, contact us for technical support.



STUC ITALIEN Venetian stucco is ready to use. Mix well before applying.
Used as a smoothing plaster: apply STUC ITALIEN Venetian stucco with a stainless steel knife or a stainless steel trowel. Sand when it dries with sandpaper. Begin in an angle. Apply the plaster over an area of 2 to 3m. As soon as the plaster begins to harden, smooth over using the stainless steel knife or the stainless steel trowel. The aim of the smoothing operation is to take off any surplus plaster mix. When dry, sand with fine sandpaper. We recommend that you apply a vertical layer then a horizontal layer so as to obtain a flat surface. After drying, finish by applying an appropriate undercoat before covering with any type of coatings or paints.
Used as a Venetian stucco: STUC ITALIEN Venetian stucco is generally applied in 3 coats but 2 coats may be sufficient in case of very smooth surfaces. If you apply in 2 coats, begin by the point 2.
1) Apply a first coat to cover the surface. Scrape closely to leave a thin coat. After drying (few hours), sand imperfections with n100 or 120 sandpaper. Then remove all sanding dust.
2) Apply a second very thin coat so as to obtain the smoothest possible finish. After drying (few hours), sand imperfections with n320 or 400 sandpaper.
3) Finish by the decorative coat, applying extremely thin layers, in natural patter. This can be achieved by rotating the wrist, varying the shape and size of the layers. And polish it before it dries completely so as to obtain the nuanced and shiny stucco effect.
Several colors may be superposed or alternated during the final coat to obtain a unique, personalized finish.



24 hrs, depending on the absorbency of the substrate and the ambient humidity.



0.2 to 0.3 kg / m per coat used as a smoothing plaster. 0.7 kg / m for 3 coats used as a Venetian stucco. Depending on the surface.



To protect the Venetian stucco finish from water and stains (bathroom and kitchen walls, etc.) use our CIRE SOLIDE bees and carnauba wax.


Practical advice

Clean all tools with water immediately after use. Apply and store at a temperature of +5C to +30C (40F or 85F). Do not apply to hot or damp surfaces. Each wall section should be finished the same day. All overlapping should be done in corners or door angles. Protect the surrounding areas from splashes or clean with water immediately.


Health Caution


STUC ITALIEN Venetian stucco is eco and health friendly. However, please take the following precautions: in case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly in water and consult a specialist if any symptoms persist. Keep out of reach of children.




STUC ITALIEN Venetian stucco will keep for one year in its original closed packaging, away from frost and high temperatures.




STUC ITALIEN Venetian stucco is conditioned in recyclable plastic buckets of 1 kg, 5 kg and 25 kg.

The information contained in this sheet are the expression of our knowledge and of test results. They can in no case be regarded as bringing a guarantee, or engaging our responsibility in the event of defective application. We recommend making a sample.

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