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Marmorino plaster for indoor and outdoor decoration MARBREX LMarmorino plaster for indoor and outdoor decoration MARBREX LMarmorino plaster for indoor and outdoor decoration MARBREX LChambre en enduit stuc marmorinoMarmorino plaster for indoor and outdoor decoration MARBREX L

Marmorino plaster for indoor and outdoor decoration MARBREX L

Douche en enduit stuc marmorino


MARBREX L marmorino plaster is a natural and eco-friendly lime plaster for indoor and outdoor walls decoration. Marmorino was used as far back as Roman times, but was made popular once more during the Renaissance 500 years ago in Venice that is why is also called Venetian plaster . Widely used in Italy, marmorino ’s appeal has spread through North America especially, but now worldwide. MARBREX L marmorino plaster has a luxurious, soft aspect with undulations due to the work of the artisans who finish it. MARBREX L marmorino plaster confers great decorative capacities; it can be applied to make many textures, from polished marble to natural stone effects. Many examples of marmorino finish can be seen in public buildings, bars, restaurants, etc. MARBREX L marmorino plaster waterproofing properties as well as visual effects have also made it very desirable for luxury bathrooms ( Italian shower ) and other wet areas. Not confined to interior use, MARBREX L marmorino plaster can be seen on the exterior of many buildings to great effect. MARBREX L marmorino plaster is also recommended for the restoration of the stucco finishes of historical buildings.
MARBREX L marmorino plaster is available in white and is colored using compatible natural pigments or dyes.


Lime putty (obtained by a maturing process of 3 to 24 months), fine powdered marble (grain size of 0 to 0.4mm) and vegetable additives. Made from a selection of non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients that are eco and health friendly. Free from asbestos, formaldehyde and heavy metals.


- Very luxurious and decorative finish
- High breathability
- Good resistance to UV ( coloring with natural pigments )
- Natural and eco-friendly lime plaster
- CO2 absorbent (during the carbonation process, lime absorbs CO2 contained in the air)
- Naturally anti-bacteria and anti mould
- Odorless, solvent free, no harmful emissions

E.U. Classification: cat. A/c VOC 40 g/l limit (2010). MARBREX L marmorino plaster contains a maximum of 15 g/l of VOC.

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Surface preparation

Indoor and outdoor surfaces should be in conformity with the current standards in force. Surfaces must be homogeneously absorbent, sound, clean, dry, non-friable and deprived of salts, moisture and moulds.
For areas where MARBREX L marmorino plaster will be exposed to running water (shower, washbasin, bathtub …) a reasonably water resistant mineral support surface should first be applied ( resurfacing mortar , cement mortar , cement / lime mortar , hydraulic lime mortar ). We recommend our resurfacing mortar MULTITOP
MARBREX L marmorino plaster must be applied to a dried and floated finish coat of MARBREX R or MINERAL 000 lime plasters
For other surfaces, contact us for technical support


Mix well before use. MARBREX L marmorino plaster is applied with a stainless steel trowel or a plastic finishing trowel
Apply one even coat of 1mm to 1.5mm thick MARBREX L marmorino plaster using a finishing trowel to cover the grain of the MARBREX R or MINERAL 000 lime plasters. When the coat begins to harden, apply a thin second coat a fresco (wet on wet). Finally, polish mechanically before it dries completely, using the stainless steel trowel or the plastic finishing trowel or a river stone to provide a smooth, sometimes shiny, finish and treat with a soft soap ( Marseille soap or Black soap ) to acquire the final appearance and water resistance.
A polychrome effect may be obtained by overlapping different colors of MARBREX L marmorino plaster or by applying a final coat a fresco of our FINITION S lime stucco


24 hrs to 48 hrs depending on the absorbency of the substrate and the ambient humidity.
Where humidity, condensation or water-vapor is present, efflorescence, whitening, variations in color and fading may occur on surfaces that are not totally carbonated. Before treat, protect the end result from any rain for several days. To accelerate carbonation after the marmorino plaster has thoroughly dried, we recommend that you spray the surface gently from bottom to top with clean water using a low pressure spray. Avoid any streaming. Repeat this several times, leaving time to dry in between each spraying.


1 kg to 2 kg / m², depending on the surface and the desired end result.


To protect the surfaces from water and stains: first waterproof using a soft soap ( Marseille soap or black soap ) or our HYDRO R / HYDROMAT water repellents (2 to 3 coats) and then wax with our CIRE SOLIDE natural bees and carnauba wax (2 to 3 coats).
For a highly protection, do not apply soft soap or wax but waterproof using our HYTOP water and oil repellent
For outdoor work, waterproof with 1 or 2 coats of our HYDRO R / HYDROMAT water repellents for a natural matt finish or with our HYTOP water and oil repellent for a shine wax finish.
Check for total waterproofing before running any water.

Practical advice

Clean all tools with water immediately after use.
Apply and store at a temperature of +5°C to +30°C (40°F or 85°F).
Do not apply to hot or damp surfaces or those directly exposed to the sun, or in the wind or the rain.
Each wall section should be finished the same day. All overlapping should be done in corners or door angles.
Protect the surrounding areas from splashes or clean with water immediately.

Health Caution


Irritating to the eyes and skin. MARBREX L marmorino plaster contains lime putty . Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse well with fresh water and contact a specialist if any symptoms persist. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Keep out of the reach of children.



MARBREX L marmorino plaster
will keep for one year in its original closed packaging, away from frost and high temperatures. However, as it is essentially lime putty , it will keep for much longer of covered with a thin layer of clean water.



MARBREX L marmorino plaster
is conditioned in recyclable plastic buckets of 5 kg and 25 kg.

The information contained in this sheet are the expression of our knowledge and of test results. They can in no case be regarded as bringing a guarantee, or engaging our responsibility in the event of defective application. We recommend making a sample

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