Les Trois Matons : Fibreglass mesh for indoor & outdoor use TRAMEX

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Fibreglass mesh for indoor & outdoor use TRAMEXFibreglass mesh for indoor & outdoor use TRAMEXFibreglass mesh for indoor & outdoor use TRAMEXFibreglass mesh for indoor & outdoor use TRAMEX

Fibreglass mesh for indoor & outdoor use TRAMEX 4x4mm

Fibreglass mesh for indoor & outdoor use TRAMEX




TRAMEX is a fibreglass mesh for indoor and outdoor use. The fibreglass mesh TRAMEX is covered with a special solvent-free resin, giving it great flexibility and high protection from alkaline agents. The fibreglass mesh TRAMEX ensures that heat insulation systems applied to outside walls are perfectly resistant. The fibreglass mesh TRAMEX mesh can also be used to reinforce mortars as well as floor and walls plasters, protecting them from crazing and cracking.


Technical data

- Treatment : anti alkaline
- Impregnation : unsaponifiable synthetic resin
- Impregnation level : 20 %
- Mesh size : 4 x 5 mm
- Roll size: 50 m (50m long by 1m wide)
- Surface mass: 150 g / m ( 5 %)
- Chain resistance: 2400 N/5 cm
- Mesh resistance: 1800 N/5 cm
- Chain elasticity: 3,8 %
- Mesh elasticity: 3,5 %
- Resistance to fire and humidity: class 1



- Avoids micro-cracks and crazing.
- Does not decompose. Does not rust.
- Absorbs variations in temperature and humidity
. - Does not peel. No hollow areas.
- Non-toxic, hygienic and eco-friendly.
- Easy to use and facilitates the application of the plaster render.
- Resists alkalines.


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Surface destination

Indoor or outdoor vertical or horizontal surfaces:
- for heat insulation systems on outside walls : TRAMEX provides a superior mechanical resistance, - for a second operation, repairing crazing or cracking : provides increased flexibility, resists surface pull - for joints between different materials: improves resistance to surface pull and perfect bonding with the surface - for tiled surfaces before decorative covering is applied (e.g. polished concrete) : improves resistance to surface pull and perfect bonding with the surface.



Apply a coat of basic mortar to the whole surface using a notched smoothing trowel. We recommend the use of our eco-friendly mortar MULTITOP. Roll out the TRAMEX fibreglass mesh from top to bottom and press the mesh into the freshly laid layer of mortar using a smoothing trowel. Stretch it well, leaving no creases, lumps or blisters. The mesh must be equidistant from the surface and be as close to the surface of this first coat as possible. Ensure that the layers of mesh overlap (between 10cm and 20cm) and cover the angles. Once dry, apply a second coat of mortar to cover the mesh and make it invisible. When totally dry, apply the finish of your choice. Also see our Technical Data sheets concerning: MULTITOP and OUTDOOR HEAT INSULATION



One roll of 50 m will cover approximately 40 to 45 m. i.e. 1.1 to 1.2 m of mesh / m.


Health Caution

Non-dangerous product. No special recommendations.


Storage advice

TRAMEX fibreglass mesh does not decompose or rust. It resists alkalines and humidity. Its storage period is almost unlimited.



TRAMEX fibreglass mesh is available in rolls of 50m. It can also be purchased per m.

The information in this sheet is the expression of our knowledge and trial results, it can be considered on no account either as bringing a guarantee, or as engaging our responsibility in case of defective application. We recommend making a sample.

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